Riding bitless

If you have a natural leadership and can control your horse from the ground, ride it with or without a saddle in all situations. Why use a bit ? To have a tool that is causing pain and discomfort is not right. Many horses experience severe damage to the teeth and jaw. Would you like to be controlled that way? Probably not.

With a natural leadership, the horse will listen and follow you with or without a bit, so why use it? I have heard from many that they use a bit for safety reason. I do not understand that argument. A frightened horse will hardly stop just because it has metal in his mouth. The horse is more likely to trust a good leader than if you pull and tear in the mouth of it.

Riding bitless with loose reins is just amazing, to have a horse that listens and trust you as a leader, with small small smooth movements. To trust the horse makes it even more confident and secure. Allowing it to focus it´s view through movement of the head makes the horse see things in the environment. A horse who see and perceive their surroundings, are not as easily scared.

It is perfect to drive a horse bitless. But I recommend that you really have control and a natural leadership before you try driving. Is ride and lead work good, and horse shows confidence in you as a leader, well then there is no problem at all.

To have a horse bitless is part of the natural leadership. It gives both you and the horse a wonderful freedom. That both trust each other, one total interaction.


Tuffa Rune